Vox Cosmetics closes the gap between makeup artist and consumer by providing the
essential tools and education. Vox is dedicated to helping consumers make the most
of their own potential to achieve professional makeup results.


Vanessa Gulino, Creator
Vox Cosmetics

Vanessa Gulino (aka “V”) put the “fun” in “funky”. “V” grew up in Connecticut, where her strong Italian roots and East Coast Swagger define who she is today. Ever since she can remember, “V” has had a passion for makeup. It’s no surprise that she found herself immersed in the cosmetic world, where she has been perfecting her makeup techniques as a professional for over 10 years.

Vanessa realized her passion when she found herself constantly seeking tips from friends in the makeup industry. She’d get her makeup done and then head home to replicate all of their new and unique looks. In 2000 Vanessa moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her path as a professional makeup artist. With experience and training from respected cosmetic companies such as MAC Cosmetics, Sebastian International, Kevyn Aucoin, & Laura Mercier, Vanessa soaked up as much information and techniques as she could to perfect her craft.

Although “V’s” professional career was off and running she realized most consumers lacked the education in makeup application. So Vanessa went to the drawing board in hopes of changing people’s perception and knowledge as well as designing great makeup tools and cosmetic products. Simply put, “V’s” vision is to bridge the gap between a professional makeup artist and consumer. Vanessa’s brain-child was to create her own cosmetic company that would empower any woman, no matter age, ethnicity, or range of knowledge, to achieve their maximum potential to be their own artist. Throw in a little Sass, East Coast Charm, with a Funky-Chic Flare…..and the Vox brand was born.

Vox launched its Cosmetic Brushes and Pigment Line in 2006 and 2007 and has become a favorite in Hollywood. Vanessa’s attention to detail and desire to create an elite product for consumers, helped produce the very best cosmetic brush sets and pigments on the market.

Vanessa states, “My goal was to be able to offer the most amazing products on the market, at a reasonable price, while education the consumer simultaneously, and I think I’ve achieved that!”